Rex is Saved

In our last adventure of Duality, the party was on the outskirts of Naskalla. The temperature was too hot for the snow dogs; they had to be left behind. So it was left to Sir Rohan and Oskar to drag the sled that carried Rex for the remainder of the journey. As the party reached the cave entrance to Naskalla, they were attacked by a trio of giant scorpions native to the area. At first, things were looking grim for the party, however with the use of Lilithia’s ice magic, it revealed a weakness in the giant scorpions, who immediately shrunk in size upon coming in contact with the ice blast. Afterwards, the party made short work of the scorpions.

Upon entering the cave entrance, the party was assaulted by a massive wave of nausea. Oskar, Taro, and Rohan were able to overcome the effects, but Lilithia was forced to stay behind for a while to recuperate. She remained with the Snow Dogs, and the rest of the party continued. They traveled through a long corridor, which oddly seemed to get cooler and cooler the farther the party ventured. After a short time, Oskar realized that the party was following a decline. So deep into the earth the party went, and after an hours travel, they finally reached the end of the decline, into a massive central chamber. After another hour of searching, the party finally found what they were looking for. A small room with a ray of sunlight piercing through the ceiling, despite the fact that the party knew it was well into the evening. The large circle where the sun shone was filled with a flowerbed, which seemed miraculous to say the least. The party moved Rex into the light where he could rest, and almost immediately a strange glow began to surround Rex, and sparkles began to dance around his face. Seeing nothing else they could do, the party rested, taking 3 hour watch shifts.

Meanwhile, Lilithia had rested up, shaking off the nausea effect, and decided that she’d try to find the rest of the party. She went through the entrance, passing over the death smell, and traveled down the great decline. It took her the better part of two hours to find the party, but she was just coming at the end of Oskar’s watch. Being fully rested, she decided to take another watch for the party so that they could fully rest as well. Oskar noticed that much of the color had returned to Rex’s face, and the glitter dancing about him seemed few and far between. He was getting better.

Finally, by what the party deciphered as morning, Rex’s treatment was complete. The glitter was non-existant, and the color had completely returned to his face, though he was still unconscious. However, it was at this moment when the party began to hear excited whispering. Suddenly, and without provocation, they were attacked by a trio of small men, cloaked and the only feature the party could discern were long noses. They used poison-soaked blades, and managed to inflict Taro with their poison, but otherwise they were little threat to the party. They decided to allow their attackers to live, and quickly escaped from the room and headed back up the great corridor.

As the party was making their escape, hundreds of the little ones followed, like a stampede, angry that their home had been desecrated, and eager for vengeance. The party was forced to run with all available haste, but they successfully made it out of Naskalla, where the little ones could not follow. The party reached the snow dogs, reattached the sled, and set out back through the Frozen Graveyard.



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