The Binding in Socket; Medias encounters Crowley

In our last adventure of Duality, the evil party arrives in the village of Socket, just a few hours south from the grand city of Galea. Promptly upon arrival in the village, Velvet ran into a blind sorceress, who seemed to know that Velvet wanted something, and she knew exactly what it was. She told Velvet to meet her at her shack the following morning, and that she would give her all the details then. Medias sensed something was amiss, however, and confronted the sorceress that night.

Turns out, the sorceress was actually Nicodemus in disguise. He would not inform Lord Medias what it was that Velvet wanted. Medias then issued a warning to the demon. “Do not play games with me, Nicodemus.” he said. Medias decided he did not want to wait. He went directly to Galea the next morning.

The rest of the party went to the sorceress’ shack in the morning. The lady told them that in order to provide Velvet with what she needed, she would need a few materials first. Two sets of Tiger’s Fangs, the eye of a Cyclops, and some Troll’s blood. Wasting very little time, the diminished party moved quickly into the forest, searching for the creatures in question.

After a few hours of searching, the party happened upon a sleeping tiger. Ambushing the tiger, they managed to deal some damage, before the tiger’s mate appeared, angry and feral. One of the tiger’s drew Velvet’s blood, a very rare occurrence. However, within a short while, the party managed to fell the two tigers, retrieving the sets of fangs they needed.

Next up was the cyclops. Through an ingenious use of ghost sound, a pair of hobgoblin guards left their cyclops master to fend for himself. The party made short work of the cyclops, and quickly removed his eye. As they were doing so, shortly afterwards they were attacked by the Troll; however the troll also happened to be little challenge for the adventurers.

That night, the adventurers returned to Socket, and provided the sorceress with all the materials she required. Beth was there to assist the sorceress, and to keep Velvet stable. She needed it. That night, with whatever magic the sorceress used, Velvet was struck with lightning bolts, all of various colors. Thanks to Beth’s assistance, however, Velvet survived the night, and bound her own sorceress powers into a tattoo that she now has on her torso.

Meanwhile, en route to Galea, Medias learned that the south road to Galea was being worked on, and would not allow for travelers to get in that way. He had to take a detour through the nearby canyon, onto the west road into Galea. When he arrived at the canyon, his old friend Crowley was waiting there, with several goblins and their dogs waiting in ambush!

With his trusty channel energy ability, he made short work of the goblins and their dogs. Crowley’s plan was foiled, but he left Medias with a warning. He would be waiting for Medias in Galea, with his poison crossbow. Later that day, Medias arrived in the city of Galea. His first night there was spent searching for less than upstanding individuals.



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