The Slavers

In our last adventure of Duality, the good party was assisting Icegate in preparations for a move. The tribe had decided that they were going to move from Icegate to Alterra, the largest nomadic city on the continent. Sir Rohan and Oskar assisted in defensive plans during the move, and Lilithia and Rex simply helped the villagers pack. It was here that the party met an unusual little girl, by the name of Anna. Anna was strange in the fact that she had a set of golden shaded eyes. The party could tell by her complexion that she wasn’t originally from Arctis Tor. Nasus mentioned that she was an orphan.

A couple hours after the party had been helping Chief Nasus, one of the villagers approached the group and told Nasus that little Anna was missing. They moved quickly to the spot where she had been last seen, and Nasus concluded that she had been kidnapped. It was then that Nasus saw someone who wasn’t who they appeared. A man wearing a cloak, attempting to disguise himself as a villager. Nasus ran after the man, but was hit with Blue Whinnis poison. He was knocked unconscious, but not before he managed to trip the man. The good party quickly surrounded the man, and attacked him. He was quickly subdued, and after a promise by Lilithia to be set free, he told the party that he was a slaver, and that the kidnapping of Anna was just a job. The fact that she had those unusual eyes would fetch a fine price on the slave market. He told the party of the location of the cave, which was confirmed by the villagers.

Meanwhile, Nasus was taken to the medical tent. The local doctor, a young half-elf female by the name of Natalya Hills revealed to the party that Nasus’s condition was not life-threatening, but he was going to remain unconscious for another few hours. She implored the party to go after the girl. They quickly agreed, and set off for the cave that the prisoner described.

As they arrived at the cave, they found two guards standing watch at the mouth of the cave. The party battled with the sentries, however one managed to escape. After their battle with the guards, the party moved on into the cave. It became quite apparent that this cave was well used, and had been for several years. Torches lined the cave walls for lighting, and as they moved through the cave, many crates were stacked atop each other, full of supplies such as blankets, clothes, food, other such necessities. They reached a locked door at the end of the cave, and though it took a few attempts, they managed to knock the door down. Inside the room were three slavers and their dog, waiting for them as they nosily failed to break down the door. The dog was the clear threat; he fought ferociously to the end, however, it was not enough to defeat Sir Rohan and his companions. The man they had allowed to live told them that they were too late. The latest batch of slaves had already been taken to the slave ship. However, a manifest on the table told them of his lies. They had less than an hour to get to the ship before it took off.

The party had arrived just in time. They found the slaver leader, along with three of his men, and the one that had managed to escape, taking Anna personally to the slave ship. The rest of the slaves were already loaded on the ship. The captain, before engaging in a fight with the good party, sent the wounded one to the ship, and told him that if they didn’t show up in a couple minutes to just take off. The man, having already narrowly survived an encounter with the PCs, was only too happy to oblige. Meanwhile, the captain roughly tossed a bound Anna to the side, and drew his short sword, ready for the fight. After a tough battle, the party managed to overcome the threat. However, with his dying breath, the captain chuckled, and showed the party that they were too late for the rest of the slaves, as the ship had taken off.

Lilithia couldn’t accept this, however, and took off at a sprint to the slave ship. With some quick thinking, she sent off a fire spell to burn the sails of the ship, catching the ship on fire and limiting it’s mobility. She screamed out to the shipmates, “Help me up, and I will put out the fires!” and tossed a rope up to the deck. A younger member of the crew, troubled by the events, took the rope in hand against his better judgement. The wounded slaver, however, attempted to rip the rope from the man’s hands. Sir Rohan had reached the boat at this point, and began to quickly climb the rope. The man barely managed to hold on, as Rohan climbed to the top of the boat, even as he was struggling with the slaver. Rohan climbed on deck, and sent a fist into the slaver’s jaw, knocking him unconscious. Lilithia was hoisted up onto the boat, and quickly put out the fires with an ice spell.

The ship’s crew agreed to hand over the slaves on the condition that they not be punished for their actions. Sir Rohan and Lilithia agreed, and Lilithia suggested that in the future, they choose a less nefarious job. They unloaded the slaves, and took them back to Icegate, along with the wounded slaver, and Anna. Nasus was overjoyed, and in order to show his appreciation, gave a Metamagic Rod to the party, and offered to make them all members of the tribe.



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