Human – Level 6 Fighter

HP: 57
AC:19 (+4 armor bonus, +3 Dex bonus, +2 enhancement bonus)

STR: 20 (5)
DEX: 15 (
CON: 15 (3)
INT: 13 (
WIS: 14 (2)
CHA: 14 (

Fortitude: 8 (5 base)
Reflex: 5 (2 base)
Will: 4 (2 base)

BAB: 6/1
CMB: +11
CMD: 24


  • Power Attack
  • Cleave
  • Combat Reflexes
  • Improved Initiative
  • Combat Expertise
  • Improved Disarm
  • Quick Draw
  • Bodyguard
  • Two Weapon Fighting


  • +1 Shocking Maul (“Istella”)
    • 13/9, x3 critical, Blunt and Lightning damage, 1d12(1d6)9, command word: Statika!
  • Heavy Flail
    • 11/6, threat range 19-20, x2 critical, Blunt damage, 1d10+7, trip and disarm abilities
  • Battle Axe
    • 11/6, x3 critical, Slashing damage, 1d8+5
  • Longsword
    • 11/6, threat range 19-20, x2 critical, Slashing damage, 1d8+5
  • Morning Star
    • 11/6, x2 critical, Blunt and Piercing damage, 1d8+5
  • Javelin
    • 9/4, x2 critical, range 30 ft., Piercing damage, 1d6+5
  • Repeating Crossbow (“The Jeff-astator”)
    • 10/5, Piercing damage, range 80 ft., 9d10+1
  • Longspear, Masterwork [x2]
    • 12/7, x3 critical, Piercing damage, 1d8+7, reach and brace abilities
  • Orc Double Axe
    • 11/6, x3 critical, Slashing damage, 1d8+7/1d8+7
  • Dire Flail
    • 11/6, x2 critical, Blunt damage, 1d8+7/1d8+7, disarm and trip abilities
  • Backpack
  • Bedroll
  • Blanket
  • Flint & Steel
  • Ink
  • Inkpen
  • Parchment
  • Trail Rations (5)
  • Rope
  • Signal Whistle
  • Torch
  • Waterskin
  • Handy Haversack
    • Longsword, Morning Star, Javelin, Repeating Crossbow, Screaming Bolts, Orc Double Axe, Dire Flail

A native of Kelton, Jeff was born to a blacksmith and a tailor, both very common and not at all extraordinary. At an early age, Jeff displayed promise in his education, but chose to focus more on sports and roughhousing as he hit puberty. At the age of 14, Jeff knew that he had exceptional strength amongst his friends and was given the nickname Dudeguy because of his strength. When it was time for Jeff to venture away from home, he still had no goal or purpose in life, choosing instead to wander Kelton aimlessly and perform whatever odd jobs he could find. Though not at all dumb, he lacks the better judgement that a normal person would possess. Though Jeff is not evil and has no ambitions of domination, he journeys with Lord Medias and his party mostly because he has no place else to go, but also partly due to a devotion to Velvet, who employs him as a bouncer at her brothel.

During his journeys, Jeff has developed an affinity for various types of weapons and has amassed a collection of 11 weapons. He randomly decides which weapon to use in battle, unless he feels the life of Velvet is in absolute danger, in which case he relies on his favorite maul named Istella, a weapon he pilfered off the body of a war hero he slayed.

When Lord Medias and Velvet clashed, Jeff quickly jumped to Velvet’s side to defend her. It was a deciding moment in Jeff’s life in which he took his role as a bodyguard more seriously, and decided that he would die to protect his mistress.

He has recently developed a casual relationship with the party’s cleric, Beth.


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