A retired town guard, once a war hero and now back to save Kelton.


A long time ago, Nareth was engulfed in a world war. Only Arctis Tor was left unscarred by the battles raged during the Great War. This war lasted nearly 15 years, and the participants were constantly changing sides. One year two powers were allies, and the next they were enemies. After 15 years of fighting, an uneasy truce was called, and a fragile treaty was signed. A few key victories was all it took to end the fighting. One such key battle was won by the actions of a single teenager, barely an adult. That man’s name was Roscifer.

Roscifer called for the charge and led the assault that broke through the enemy’s defensive line, ending the stalemate that lasted for nearly a week. It was a decisive victory, and was a key contribution to the end of the war. Roscifer returned home to Kelton a hero, to the city, to the nation. He chose to leave the army, and lead a simple life of serving in the town guard. It didn’t take him long to rise to the rank of Captain within the guard. He served the position honorably, and stepped down when it was his time to retire. It was no coincidence that a few short years later Kelton became the disgusting cesspool that it is today. For years, Roscifer implored as a citizen of Kelton for changes, back to the way things were. He was waved off. Finally, he decided enough was enough. He would no longer take this lying down. And once Medias took over Kelton, he put his plan into action.


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