Madam Adel


Madam Adel is a middle aged woman, with curly red flaming hair and a few wrinkles showing her age. She is very attractive for her age, and her green eyes seem to pierce right through your soul. The thing that is most special about her, however, is the fact that she is a fortune teller, though she lets on that she is more than just a simple fortune teller. Here are the fortunes that she read for the members of the good party.

“I see…a path of hellfire and brimstone…A life of wickedess. Your blackened heart reflects the life you’ve led. And yet…There is light. Sarenrae’s flame burns brightly within you. Despite the sins, besides the wickedness, there is a chance for…redemption. Keep to the path…and the light will save you, young one.”

“You’ve led a life of massive suffering, haven’t you sorceress? Behind that icy exterior lies a frightened little girl, crying out for all the years that she’s lost. And worst of all, the sister that she cannot face. Your lives, you and your sister, are irrevocably intertwined. A decision must be made, sorceress, a sacrifice…A fight. Blood must be spilled from you AND her, if you are to ever be at peace. I foresee a very difficult time for you.”

“My my, noble paladin. What a righteous life you’ve lived. The various trials and tribulations you’ve come across have made you into the man you are today. However, the coming struggles are nothing like what you have ever faced. I sense a very troubled time for you. Pain, suffering…The order has not prepared you for what you are about to face. I can only hope you are ABLE to face this. The fate of us all is upon your shoulders, Paladin.”

Madam Adel closes her eyes for a moment, then reopens them with her glowing eyes that seemed to be staring at nothing. She remains quiet for a few moments, then blinks. Her eyes return to normal. “What…” She whispers to herself, closes her eyes, then returns to her psychic state. After a few moments more, the same thing happens again. She appears angered and rises from her seat. “What the hell?” She curses, turns and picks up a book on the floor, skimming through its contents.
After a moment of searching, she flings the book aside, closes her eyes and tries again. Same thing. She growls. “Agh! I don’t understand! Where your future is, there is nothing, nothing at all! I can’t read you!”
Nasus speaks up. “Perhaps it is a void, Adel.”
“It’s not a void! If it was a void, I could see the events leading up to it. With him, I get no past, present, or future. It’s like there’s nothing there!” Madam Adel approaches Oskar violently, placing her hands on his shoulders. She closes her eyes for a moment, then reopens them in the psychic state once more. Adel’s eyes glow extremely bright, and then suddenly she collapses. For a moment, she doesn’t move, but then she looks up at everyone.
“All I got was a single word. I don’t even know what it means. Raijin. That’s all I could get on you. Raijin.

Madam Adel

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