Lot – status unknown
Lv. 5 NE Human Rogue(Poisoner)


First encountered in a library turned gambling hall in THE SHIT TOWN AS HE CALLS IT, Lot is a violent and cunning young man who gives crap to all, takes it from none. His favorite thing to say when dealing with anyone “beneath” him is “I don’t like you, capiche?”. He vanished once Medias took over the entire city, and wound up, by ways unknown, in THE BULLSHIT TOWN AS HE CALLS IT. Nothing better to do he set up an apothecary specializing in poisons, for “rats, atheists, and other pests (10% discount for lawyers, this week only!)”. UNfortunately, business had recently slowed to a crawl, and his shop was being foreclosed. FORTunately, Velvet, who had just invested in a large plot of land within the city, discovered his shop and offered to house him and his wares. Able spent half of his remaining wealth to pay a wagon team owned by half-elves to move all his shit over to the Manse de Velvet, and stole more than he paid back from them while they were moving his shit.

Lot grew up on the streets, where e quickly rose to the head of a gang at the young age of 13, when he first killed someone. Hes above average at everything but what he’s particularly skilled at is intimidating people to get what he wants. Well, that and sneaking up behind them, taking their money and then their life.

Killed by a wyvern, a beast immune to poison. His intention was to harvest the beast, but it proved too much for him. (actually some fire elementals saw past his 23 stealth, so he forfeited sneak attacks and flanking for the entire fight)


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