Arch Demon of hell, manipulating the tides of fate for an unknown reason, with Lord Medias as his champion.


An Archdemon of hell, Nicodemus has been manipulating the affairs of mortals for some time. Before, he was possessing the Bandit Lord and rival to Salazir(eventually Medias) Ratzajk. After Medias and his companions defeated Ratzajk, Nicodemus revealed himself to Medias, stating that he would be better vessel than the Bandit Lord.

After their first meeting, Nicodemus sought out Lord Medias and tried to possess him, failing in the process. Ultimately, he chose Quinton as his host. He proceeded in manipulating Medias, goading him into taking over the city of Kelton. Though no one knows what his true goals are, they could be nothing good for the world of Nareth.


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