Pastor Gil

Pastor of the church in Kelton, killed by Pastor Valle.


Pastor of the Church in Kelton. He was Sir Rohan’s contact in Kelton. Gil employed the adventurers to solve the mystery of the dead rising in the graveyard during the night. When Sir Rohan and his companions successfully stopped the night risings, Gil and the good party became good friends.

One of the other Pastor’s of the church of Kelton was a corrupt individual by the name of Pastor Valle. Gil had helped Valle through his training until Valle became a pastor, and thought of him as a son. So it was a shock when Valle betrayed Pastor Gil and the good party, sticking him with a knife, and leaving Medias to do what he would with the good party. Thankfully, with his dying breath, Gil opened a portal to the far north, in the land of Arctis Tor, where he had friends for such an emergency. Sir Rohan and the others barely managed to escape, thanks to Pastor Gil’s sacrifice.

Pastor Gil

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