Oren "Ridend" Athalon

LN Monk in thrall of Pharasma. She calls out to him, telling him who to send to her through death. She takes the form of Rin in his eyes.


L.6 LN Human Zen Archer Monk

XP: 32200/35000

HP: 60
Init.: +3
Mov.: 10

  • Abilities:~
    STR: 14 | +2
    DEX: 16 | +3
    CON: 12 | +1
    INT: 13 | +1
    WIS: 22 | +6
    CHA: 8. | -1
    Bonuses: +2 WIS racial, +1 WIS L.4, +2 WIS headband, +2 DEX belt
  • Defenses:~

AC: 21
TAC: 21
FFAC: 18
Bonuses: +1 monk, +1 dodge, +6 WIS, +3 DEX

FORT: +5
REFX: +7
WILL: +10

BAB: +4
CMB: +6
CMD: 20

  • Attacks:~

+2 Darkwood Composite Longbow with spiral bossing
Range: 22
Ranged Attack – Standard
+13 // 1d8 + 6 // x3

Flurry – Full Round
+13/ +13/ +8

Point-Blank: +1/ +1 if within 6sq.
Ki Pool: Spend 1 for additional attack @ full in Flurry/Spend Swift Action
Ki Pool: Spend 1 for +10 to range increment/Swift
Ki Pool: Spend 1 for +4 dodge to AC/Swift
Ki Pool: Spend 1 for +4 movement
Ki Pool: Spend 1 for damage die exchange with Fists (this will be pointless until L.10)
Expertise: +2 AC/-2 attack, Free
Deadly Aim: +4 Damage/-2 attack, Free
Perfect Strike 4x/day: roll twice and choose for one attack, if one is a crit threat the other is the confirm. Improves to 3d20 & choose @ L.10

  • Traits:~
    Bullied: +1 to attacks of Opp. with Fists
    Vow of
    Vow of Cleanliness
    Vow of Celibacy
  • Abilities:~
    Armor Bonus +1
    Bonus Feat x3 – from Zen Archer Feat Pool
    Flurry o’ Missiles – Only with Bows, not fists
    Perfect Strike
    Unarmed Strike
    Way of the Bow
    Fast Movement +4
    Zen Archery
    Point Blank Master
    Ki Pool: 14
    Slow Fall 6
    High Jump
    Ki Arrows
  • Feats:~
    L1: Dodge
    HU: Deadly Aim
    M1: Point-Blank Shot
    M2: Precise Shot
    L3: Combat Reflexes
    L5: Endurance
    M6: Improved Precise Shot
    L7: Bullseye Shot
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    MBF: Unarmed Strike
    MBF: Perfect Strike
    MBF: WF: LBow +1 attack
    MBF: Point Blank Master
    MBF: WS: LBow +2 damage
  • Skills:~
    Pool: 36
    total Skill ranks
    12 Acrobatics 6
    7. Climb 3
    5. Craft/Bow 1
    9. Escapist 3
    -1 Intimidate
    5. Know/History 1
    5. Know/Religion 1
    0. Language (Common, Elven, Halfling)
    15 Perception 6
    5. Perform/Dance 2
    10 Profession/ 1
    13 Sense MO 4
    12 Stealth 6
    7. Swim 2
  • Inventory:~
    +2 Darkwood Composite(2) Longbow
    WIS headband
    DEX belt
    75 resilient arrows
    3 potions CLW
    basic supplies

As a student of a very secular group of monks called the Ku Rin, a 13-year-old boy named Oren was a least pupil, struggling with even the simplest elements of Monkhood, unable to concentrate and extremely unwise. He was tormented by his peers and even his teacher (see traits). One night, Rin, an avatar of Pharasma and the herald of their cult, who is known as Death and Fate, came to Oren in a dream, telling him that the lives of his teacher and peers were all due to end. Their lives had run their course, and Rin chose to bestow the honor of sending their spirits on to the afterlife. Granted sudden knowledge and wisdom which were incongruous with his prior pitiful performance, Oren arose from his dream that night and slew them all, from the youngest initiate to the teacher himself, with a crude composite longbow and a quiver of arrows. The deed done, the visage of Rin appeared again to the boy in the night, and praised him for having done well. Oren’s abilities and skills were then made a permanent gift from Rin to Oren, along with the title Ridden and in exchange, Oren is now the thrall of Rin, doing his bidding and ending the lives of all whose time on Nareth(earth) has drawn to is close.
In the time since Rin gave Ridend his title, Ridend has neglected to ever use his real name, and, as a plot device, it may be convenient if he has forgotten it, and it might be fun to give someone an edge on him by knowing his past or having survived his massacre

The Soul List of Ridend

Oren "Ridend" Athalon

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