Former Crime Boss of Kelton, made the mistake of crossing Velvet.


The former crime boss of Kelton, he was killed after he decided to beat up one of Velvet’s girls at her brothel, Diamond. Salazir ruled Kelton’s underworld with an iron fist, not one illegal or legal action went down in Kelton without him knowing about it, and not without him getting a slice. A bunch of thieves stole some money from the evil party in a barfight, thrusting them into the internal struggles of Kelton in an instant.

At first, the members of the evil party were working for Salazir, resulting in Velvet getting management of one of his brothels. In Kelton, either you worked for Salazir, or you were straight. If there was a fool who wanted his own illegal work were either thrown in jail by the town guard, or left with a slit throat in an alley by the docks, compliments of Salazir’s men. Salazir was smart. He paid off the town guard to leave his operations alone. He even had dealings with the local government, corrupt as hell, justifying Salazir as a “necessary evil” while their own pockets were fattened. The people of Kelton suffered.

Salazir became infatuated with Velvet. He was a control freak, first and foremost, and his feelings of love were complimented with feelings of ownership. He believed that Velvet was his, to do whatever he pleased with her. He frequently had sex with her, each time more rough than the last. One day, enough was enough for Velvet, and she told him as much. So, one night in a druken haze, Salazir showed up to Velvet’s and took one of the girls for her “services”, as was his prerogative. He then beat the girl to a bloody pulp, imagining it was Velvet the entire time. This was the final straw for Velvet, and decided that now was the time for Medias to make his move for power in Kelton. That meant taking out Salazir. The very next night, she brought him into her office, displayed herself to him…and then the evil party killed him.


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