Icegate is attacked, and the evil party is lost!

In our last adventure of Duality, the good party successfully returned Rex from the brink of death, and he was cured of Frozen Fever. As he regained consciousness, they discovered that Chief Nasus was getting a ship ready for them to return to Kelton. It was suggested to the party that they get their fortunes told by the local psychic, Madam Adel. She read Rex’s, Lilithia, and Sir Rohan’s fortunes. Then she tried to read Oskar’s. She could not. Even using most of her power, all she could get was a word. “Raijin”.

It was then that they discovered that the village was under attack! The Ice Elves of Arctis Tor found the Nomads and proceeded to slay them mercilessly. Sir Rohan and the others could not sit by and do nothing. They, alongside those who took up arms in the village, drove back the invaders before they could inflict more havoc against the villagers. Chief Nasus, however knew that the worst was yet to come. They could no longer remain at Icegate, as they’ve been discovered. The Ice Elves would soon be back, and in greater numbers. Nasus explains to Rohan that the Ice Elves see the nomadic tribes as a scourge upon the land, and that they must be purged. One of the members of the village arrived, and told Nasus that their ship was ready. Although he tried to convince them that they would be alright, Sir Rohan would have none of that. He decided that he would help them in their struggle.

Meanwhile, Lord Medias and the evil party were en route to the grand city of Galea. Jeff thought he knew a shortcut, and proceeded in getting the party hopelessly lost. The party was lucky to stumble upon a wandering peasant. Or so they thought. The peasant led them through the forest, where the party had an uneasy time keeping their balance. Several times the peasant had to catch them, lest they fall and hurt themselves. Medias was the worst at keeping his balance, and managed to fall over several times.

Finally, after an hour or so of walking, the peasant led the party successfully out of the Celestra Woods, and back to the main road. He then disappeared into the woods, unable to be seen. As the party reached the road, they suddenly began to lose their balance. As Velvet used her detect magic spell, she realized that some form of illusion magic was being used, and it was then that the spell broke. They found themselves on a stairwell, leading downward into a dungeon. They left the dungeon, and found that they were nowhere near a road, simply a clearing in the forest, and they were surrounded on all sides by trees. Velvet then realized that her pack felt strangely lighter. She checked, and found that her spellbook was missing! Determined, she charged into the old temple, with the rest of the party following closely behind.

As they reached the bottom of the stairwell, they were attacked by a group of bugbears! Jeff was using the new maul he took from the dead Roscifer, and a powerful weapon it was. The party made short work of the bugbears, although Velvet was in a foul mood, and made a few bad decisions, including placing herself in considerable danger for a Burning Hands spell. After defeating the bugbears, the party moved on through the temple, and found themselves in an office of the temple, with a desk, a couple bookcases with books that were no longer legible, and a chest in the back of the room. Inside the chest was a wand of Cure Light Wounds, though they were unable to discern the number of charges remaining on it.

Continuing through the temple, the party reached another corridor with a door at the end of it. As they entered the room, they found themselves in a greenhouse room. Lord Medias searched the room, and discovered six goblins waiting for him. However, with a few well placed spells, the party defeated the goblins quickly and quietly. Moving on, they went down another set of stairs, and found a room of worship. Two long rows of pews led to the altar in the center of the room, where they encountered the elf Variel. Variel was a former member of the Judicators, who was forced to retire because he went insane. However, he was still a very formidable enemy, and in his possession was Velvet’s spellbook. At first, the battle with the Elf Magus seemed to be going well, however things changed quickly as Jeff and Beth were caught in a Color Spray spell. Medias did what he could, but he along with Jeff and Beth were enveloped in a very powerful Burning Hands spell.

At the same time, Variel’s ghouls heard the fight going on from upstairs in the temple, and quickly came to aid their master. They arrived just in time to aid their master, who was running in fear of Medias. At the same time, Beth and Jeff were recovering from the Color Spray spell, and engaged the ghouls in combat. However, Variel charged his blade with electrical spell power, and let waves of energy through Jeff, along with a massive sword wound. The fighter fell, unconscious and very near to death. The ghouls managed to paralyze Lord Medias, but not before Velvet was able to get a charm spell off on Variel. This proved to be the turning point in the battle, as Velvet managed to convince Variel not to attack his allies. Velvet and Beth turned their attention to keep Jeff from dying. Velvet took the Cure Light Wounds wand from the paralyzed Medias, and used it once to adequate effect. Jeff was back. The party then quickly dispatched two of the ghouls, however the third one was much more trouble, and managed to paralyze Velvet. Using the last of her strength before she fell into a state of paralysis, she implored the party “not to attack Variel”. Medias took little notice of the request, and as Variel kneeled down to defend his new friend, Medias missed an attack with his scythe. The spell was broken. However, the distraction was just what Jeff needed. Arming himself with a javelin, the fighter sent the weapon flying, and the spear slammed into the side of Variel’s neck. Medias then used his death spell to kill the Elf Magus.

The spoils of the victory was a mithril chain shirt, a masterwork longsword, and of course, Velvet’s spellbook, and the spellbook from the fallen Magus. Inside a chest behind the altar was a bag of gems, and a map, that managed to get the evil party back on track, on the road to Galea.



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