Medias takes control of Kelton

Kelton Falls

In our last adventure of Duality, Nicodemus suggests to Lord Medias that he should not be content with rule of Kelton’s criminal underworld. Instead, he should take full power for himself. Medias agrees, and stages a coup and forces the Kelton Coucil to give up their leadership. As he does, a man reveals himself as Judicator Tomoya, a member of the international police nation of (Country). Though Medias and the party are successfully able to defeat Judicator Tomoya and his men, Medias has committed the gravest of crimes to Judicators; murdering one of their own. As such, Medias has made himself a new enemy, one who will not stop until he is captured or dead.

After Medias defeats Tomoya, all resistance fades from the Kelton Council, and they surrender sovereignty to him. A few weeks pass, during which Pastor Valle has been extremely vocal about his support for Lord Medias’ new rule. However, a resistance group forms within the ranks of the town guard, stemming from a legendary retired guard by the name of Roscifer, willing to fight for the golden days of Kelton. Most of the resistance is full of old men, those who’ve seen better days of Kelton and wish to return to those days of old. The town guard is split in half, those who support Roscifer, and the young men who are loyal to Kelton, mainly because of their loyalty to the church, in other words Pastor Valle.



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