Kelton's Last Hero Has Fallen

In our last adventure of Duality, Lord Medias has been in control of Kelton for a couple of weeks now. During that time, Medias created his own throne room in Kelton Palace. The entire evil party has taken up residence in the manor. Things seem to be going well for Lord Medias. However, things are not as well as they seem. A rebellion of sorts has formed from the ranks of the Town Guard. The man responsible for this was an old war hero by the name of Roscifer, who served in the Town Guard during Kelton’s golden days, and wishes to return to those days of old. The older members of the Town Guard have thus sided with Roscifer in this revolt. However, the current Kelton is the only one the younger members have ever known, and based on the church’s support of Lord Medias, side with him.

Pastor Valle approached Lord Medias and informs him that they are in dire need of the support of the Town Guard if they wish to keep control of Kelton. So, Medias takes matters into his own hands, as usual. He, and the rest of the members of the evil party head to Town Guard headquarters, where they encounter minor resistance at the gates. After a short time, they reach the captain’s office, where Roscifer is holed up. They quickly make short work of the legend, who with his dying breathes, states that Kelton will one day return to it’s days of glory, and that his spirit will live on with the people.

A short while after the battle, Nicodemus in the form of Quinton, reveals himself to talk to Medias. He tells Medias that he should stop being the big fish in the small pond that is Kelton, move on and extend his empire. Starting with Sir Rohan’s hometown of Galea. Medias agreed, and decided to take his forces to the religious gem of the West, Galea.

Meanwhile, up North in Arctis Tor, Sir Rohan was having nightmares of past events while comatose, especially the death of Pastor Gil. He has awakened, however, and found himself in the village of Icegate.



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