The journey to Naskalla

In our last adventure of Duality, Sir Rohan has finally awaken from his four days spent in a coma. He finds himself in the village of Icegate, in East Arctis Tor. After surveying the village for a short while, he is directed to the Chieftain’s hut, where he is introduced to Chief Nasus. Nasus was informed of the situation by Oscar, who had been awake for some time, and grieved for the loss of his friend, Pastor Gil. He explained that the good party fell into Chillwater Lake, after the fight with the Yeti. Lillithia and Oscar made it okay, and Sir Rohan was in the coma for four days, but he has recovered. Rex on the other hand contracted a disease native to Arctis Tor called Frozen Fever. It was a disease that Rex’s body could not fight off alone. He needed help.

Chief Nasus reveals to the party that the only known way to cure Rex of Frozen Fever is to take him to the hottest place on the planet, which oddly enough was located in Arctis Tor. That place was called Naskalla, or “Where the sun burns.” Naskalla is the balance for Arctis Tor, the coldest place on Nareth. It is a place where the frozen elements cannot touch, a place of very powerful magic. This magic, this total lack of cold is the environment that Rex needs to fight off this disease. However, the journey to Naskalla was extremely dangerous. Though Naskalla was the balance for the cold temperatures of Arctis Tor, so did Naskalla need a balance of its own. The area between Icegate and Naskalla was what the locals called the Frozen Graveyard, where the low temperatures were extreme. Only the toughest monsters and animals survived in such a place. Sir Rohan was still willing to undertake the journey, however Lillithia was extremely reluctant. Nonetheless, the journey was decided, and the good party set out the next morning towards Naskalla, and the Frozen Graveyard. Nasus supplied them with a guide by the name of Taro. Taro, though a guide for his people, was also a very capable warrior, wielding a greatsword and able to assist the party in any fights they may encounter.

As the good party reached the outskirts of the Frozen Graveyard, they were attacked by a trio of snow wolves, whom they handily defeated. The journey through the Frozen Graveyard was harsh, however, and though Lillithia was okay through most of the journey thanks to her sorceress bloodline, both Oscar and Sir Rohan got a little frostbitten on their journey. Three hours into the journey, a new problem presented itself. A very dangerous Ice Golem made its way to the party and attacked. Though the party managed to defeat the golem, the Golem shattered, and it’s icy shards cut into each member of the party. The first time blood has been drawn from Lillithia. Thanks to Taro’s guidance, the good party had finally made its way through the Frozen Graveyard, and into Naskalla. As they entered the vicinity of the place, the temperature rose almost instantly, from freezing to sweltering hot. A giant volcano rests in front of them. They must get Rex inside before nightfall, which was approaching them fast.



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